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Avebury for artists and writers.


The standing stones of Avebury and their setting never fail to excite. This is as true today as it was in the 17th C when John Aubrey claimed, “Avebury doth exceed Stonehenge as a Cathedral does a Parish Church.” Sir Christopher Wren thought it looks like a sacred grove of trees “built in stone on a grand scale as a temple”. Many would agree, but its true purpose remains a mystery, which makes it fascinating for artists and writers. 

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Avebury Henge Shop

Avebury henge shop

Originally three medieval cottages, the building which is now The Henge Shop was enlarged and heightened in the seventeenth century. It was thatched until the early twentieth century and is constructed of sarsen stone, chalk blocks and brick. It features on Stuckeley's map of 1723 and has served as the village post office and fire station in the past.

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Avebury pictures

Standing Stones

We have a collection of photos taken by Phillipe Ullens which we are delighted to make available to you can see some of the sights and landmarks that make Avebury one of the most intereresting world heritage sights in the world. We hopes these inspire you to come and visit, or if you've visited before we hope that these bring back glorious memories...

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Crop Circles

Crop circle

If only they were ugly and small, nobody would look at them ; but they are big, beautiful, framed by stunning landscapes.

On average, since 2000, out of the 150 which appear worldwide, about 50 appear within 20 miles of Avebury.

What are they ? Who makes them ? Your answer is the only meaningful one, for you. So come and see them.

Perhaps places like Avebury and Stonehenge were made because they already existed then…   :>)

For a wide range of photgraphs of the crop circles over the years please go to

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Healers and holistic centres.

Avebury stones in the mist

Here you can find a list of local healers and holistic centres that range from crystal healing to Reiki, hypno-healing to meditation. 

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Ley lines and earth energies of Avebury Henge

Avebury Henge contains the world’s largest stone circle and the megalithic complex spans over three miles. The location of Avebury was not arbitrary but due to the phenomenal ley lines and earth energy patterns that were present. The megalithic architecture was likewise determined by this geodetic energy system which imbues the site with unseen energy creating a unique Spirit of Place.

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Meditating at a sacred site

You and I have been left valuable gifts by the ancients: gifts of wisdom, peace and bliss. To receive them, all we have to do is visit a sacred site, sit still, and meditate. 

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Surrounding monuments

Located just 1 mile away from Avebury stone circle lies Silbury hill and the west kennet long barrow.

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What's in the village?

Aerial view of Avebury

Here you can find out what facilities Avebury village has to offer. 

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